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Painting with Noise



An experiment with free verse poetry…

Painting with Noise

Attacked, well there are many kinds of attacks–an all inclusive service, one that I’m can’t reconcile. I taught my daughter’s class last week how to paint with a brush. When the teacher stepped out I asked the preschoolers, for fun I said, “the check engine light is on in my truck, what should I do?” But what about the service, my neighbor says I’m wrong about all inclusive worship-I feel like he’s pushing. On the way home from Diana’s school I thought how hard it would be to paint a masterpiece in a room with eighteen four-year olds. Why is there a need to push? I won’t blow up myself. I won’t blow up your office. I won’t even pee on your lawn. One boy with red hair and a crocked smile said my tires must be bald like my head. The picture of me sitting there brush in hand and the eighteen crawling all over me keeps popping up. All I want is to be exclusive, to worship in the prescribed way. No other human being will know I’m there. Another said I played the radio too loud in my truck like his Uncle Chad who had a ponytail longer than Mindy’s. His dad was sure that boys should not have ponytails? What did I think? I think all I need is a quiet corner to paint-not something special—just my own miniature masterpiece without noise. It is the corn another one said. Her father said corn did something bad to gas. All I had to do was take the corn out of the tank; although she was not sure how it was done. Maddening, painting with four year olds, I want to scream obscenities, but I remember Nixon. Am I like Nixon? If I were God I would not go for noise in worship and for pretending, pretending would be out for sure. Rodney Stucky, Diana says he’s the, “class brain,” was sure my engine needed duct tape. “Don’t I know that everything works better with duct tape?” I’m sure Rodney will be building rockets soon. If there was a room full of preschoolers, and Jesus was sitting in the other room I think I’d ask Him how to fix my truck.

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