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The Twisted ladder is about a brilliant, young entrepreneur, Enrique Silva, who immigrated to the US when he was a young man. At one point in his maturation process he had an epiphany. He realized that the country he adopted, and made his fortune in, was not the land he idealized as a young boy in Venezuela.

His growing disenchant with what he felt was once the greatest nation on the planet, cultivated in him a plan to set right what he believed was most broken. All he needed was twenty-five to thirty million in untraceable US dollars, the best ever spyware program, and a 100 or so dedicated operatives to assist.

To him, the plan was not complicated: bold-yes, unprecedented-absolutely, But the ingredients- it was the components that went into the design that made it incredibly difficult to produce. As the story unfolds one wonders if it is truly possible for one man to hold the entire industrialized world hostage. Can he achieve the impossible, or will one of the thousand hunters get to him first? 



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